Saturday, June 30, 2012

BzzAgent Product Test Arrived

BzzAgent is my favorite site to review for since I receive products from them very often.
Today, I received my Kroger products and coupons from them. Unfortunately, my boyfriend had a family emergency 2000 miles away, so I do not have a second personal opinion to report and my wy-wy is not allowed people food.

Here is what I received:

*The Family Night with Kroger BzzGuide
*Kroger Zero-Calorie Vitamin Enhanced Water
*Kroger Tortilla cups (These are the same as the Scoops)
*Free Kroger Frozen Fruit Bars (Product Coupon)
*Free The Truly Awesome Frozen Pizza (Product Coupon)
*(5) Kroger 20% Off Coupons for all of these products (To Share)

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