These sites give you products, coupons, etc. to try from companies and ask that you simply try the product(s), coupon(s), etc. for yourself, share the product(s), coupon(s), etc. and submit your review back to them. In return you will up your score and earn a higher ranking to review more products. Sometimes you are sent an incentive after a successful review.

Smiley360 Join Here!

BzzAgent Become A BzzAgent!

shespeaks Speak Your Mind Girl!

This site will ask you questions called Quick Hits almost everyday and sometimes a few times everyday. They also give you missions to complete so that you can earn points to rewards yourself with giftcards.  You also get to choose a charity that will receive points each time you earn. You may get the chance to sample products from major companies, which I have, like Old Navy.

Crowdtap Tap In!

This site always lists up-to-date samples, coupons etc. everyday. They also have a blog for you to share everything under the moon with other members. They host contests where you guess the actor, movie quote, song, etc. and can earn points for winning and use them towards items from their site. I have been a member of this site for over 10 years!

StartSampling Get Your Samples!

This site gives you points for shopping and for doing other tasks that are free. You can redeem your points rather quickly, even if you do the free stuff, for gift cards to use at your favorite stores. They mail you the gift cards,  mine have normally arrived within two weeks.

MyPoints Website

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